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Modern Living Room

My Services

From staging your home for sale to organizing your new home to getting ready for social events, instead of scrambling...come up for air... let me help you prepare!

GetReady can help you escape the cluttered chaos and give you a peaceful place to call home!

Organizing, Sorting, Decluttering

Eliminate visual clutter and reduce stress.

Interior Styling & Design

Invite a fresh set of eyes into your space that can transform the look of your home or office.

Room Refresh

Elevate the everyday by rearranging furniture or adding a few accent pieces to create a new look.

Real Estate

Find your forever home or sell the one you currently own.

Professional Packing & Unpacking

Pack and get ready to move.

Unpack and get organized.

Senior Transition Moves

Downsizing and decluttering can be done! When moving mom and dad is overwhelming, Get Ready can make the transition smooth.

Home Staging

Create a look that sells!

AirBNB Design Appeal

Create a space that invites others in, books your calendar, and leaves your guests with memories and raving reviews.

Combine Households

Be flexible and willing to consider combining old and new, modern and vintage.

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