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GetReady for November!

Updated: Jan 8

It's Turkey Time!

It's November! Do you start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, or will the tree wait to go up after Thanksgiving?

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving feast ahead, I've got some ideas to share that will make your home look and feel "finished." Spruce up your home with these easy tips for your upcoming guests!

1. Add a Variety of House Plants

Real plants breathe life into your decor. Take a look at any home feature in a magazine, and you'll probably notice at least one plant or bouquet of flowers. The reason: Plants and flowers are the finishing touches that make a room look complete.

If you don't have a green thumb, start with a hard-to-kill houseplant. For special occasions, fresh flowers and greenery can create the same effect—without the commitment.

2. Curate Your Bookshelves

If your bookshelves are currently a hodgepodge of paperbacks, coffee table

books, kids' books, and collectibles, giving them a quick makeover can dramatically change the look of the room. To start, consider organizing the books by color—it doesn't have to be a perfectly ombre rainbow, but grouping by color can make the display feel more deliberate. If you have room for it, try placing a small stack of books horizontally to elevate a decorative bowl or object. Don't forget to mix in art, vases, or photos to make the arrangement look personal and styled, rather than cluttered.

3. Address Those Blank Walls

Even if you've had your furniture and decor figured out for years, many of us probably still have some blank walls around our homes. If you're like me, you may even have some art or prints picked out—you just haven't gotten around to framing or hanging them. Take some time to complete those projects.

Too many blank walls and not enough art?Consider alternative decor, like mirrors that bounce light around the room or floating shelves to display favorite objects.

4. Create Vignettes

Time to think like a stylist! Take a look around your home and see how objects could be grouped into interesting arrangements on side tables, coffee tables, a mantel, or other surfaces around your home.

Found objects, collectibles, small table lamps, vases, candlesticks, and plants are all commonly used in stylists' "vignettes," or a curated display that "tells a story." The best vignettes contain objects that are special to you and your family so that they represent your life.

All of the ideas are very cost effective & can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Love to come home & be proud to show it off! I can help you do just that! If you need a fresh set of eyes, a decorator with what you have, or a shopping assistant for what you don't, GetReady can take care of you!

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