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Get Ready for September 2023

Are you ready for sweater weather!?!

As we transition into the cozy embrace of fall, it's the perfect time to start planning your autumn adventures. Whether you're exploring your local treasures or considering a destination further afield, here are some exciting ideas to help you make the most of the coming season.


Experience Lexington, Kentucky!

These charming Lexington experiences are a fantastic way to start your fall journey the right way. 

  • Keeneland Yearling Sale: Witness the magic of Thoroughbred yearlings being sold, starting September 12. Enjoy southern breakfast at the Keeneland Track Kitchen.

  • Visit Horse Country: Dive into the world of thoroughbreds with private horse farm tours. Combine this with the Keeneland Sales for an expert experience.

  • Bites of the Bluegrass: Embark on a culinary adventure with a guided food tour, exploring Lexington's history and flavors.

  • Kentucky By Paddle: Enjoy the lingering warmth of September with paddleboarding or kayaking adventures on the Kentucky River.

  • Kentucky Native Café: Savor the beautiful weather in the hidden garden café at Kentucky Native, a perfect place to unwind.


BEST places to TRAVEL in September!

These destinations offer diverse experiences to suit every traveler's taste.


  • Napa Valley, California: Dive into the bustling harvest season and explore vineyards, gourmet dining, and hot air balloon rides.

  • Long Island, New York: Discover the quieter side of eastern Long Island with wineries, historic lighthouses, and scenic shores.

  • Turkey: Immerse yourself in the blend of Asia and Europe, from the beaches of Bodrum to the historic streets of Istanbul.

  • Willamette Valley, Oregon: Explore over 700 wineries, hiking trails, and dog-friendly adventures in this stunning region.

  • Fiji: Experience paradise in the South Pacific with water sports, nature walks, and relaxation on private islands.

  • Mallorca and Menorca, Balearic Islands: Bask in Mediterranean beauty with sandy beaches, historic architecture, and luxurious accommodations.

  • Park City, Utah: Enjoy the outdoors with hiking, biking, and exploring the history of this charming silver mining town.

  • Greenville, South Carolina: Delight in culinary experiences during the Euphoria event, and explore waterfalls and hiking trails.

  • Nantucket, Massachusetts: Savor the beauty of Nantucket in September, with fewer crowds and fresh seafood.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Discover the unique culture of Santa Fe with events like the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta and the Burning of Zozobra.


Remember, planning ahead not only helps you make the most of your adventures but also maintains balance and order in your life.

So, start envisioning your fall escapades, and let the warm colors and cozy moments of autumn fill your heart with joy.

Stay organized, embrace the season, and create beautiful memories this fall!


Kristol Yeager

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