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GetReady for Christmas!

It's Christmas time!

Happy December! Merry Christmas! Merry all the things!

Storing Christmas decorations can be exhausting, but these storage organizers

will make next year a little bit easier!

Download the guide now!

GetReady Christmas Amazon Favorites
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Hate taking down your Christmas decorations? Get Ready is here for you! Schedule now for January, and I'll come take care of all the post Christmas hustle and bustle!

Hostess Gift Ideas

Christmas is the best time for gifts! I've linked some of the cutest gifts for hostesses, office parties, or whatever other events you may attend this holiday season.

  1. Personalized Farmhouse Tea Towel - For those people that think ahead! Personalized adds an added touch! You could pair with a cute pair of salad tongs or tie on a homemade bag of dried oranges.

  2. Christmas Delights Stir Sticks - You can only use once a year but how cute! Perfect for a bloody mary skewer of olives & pickled treats during the holidays!

  3. Christmas Stovetop Simmer - Perfect hostess gifts, and things to keep in your home!

  4. Wine Carrier Bag - You could take a bottle of wine in this then leave for the hostess to return the favor!

  5. Pine Needle Candle - This candle truly smells like a fresh Christmas tree!

  6. Kitchen Dish Cloths - A sustainable item to use throughout the year & they are pretty. Wrap them with some ribbon and viola!

I hope these gifts and guides help you Get Ready for this holiday season! As always, I'm more than happy to take any stress away from you as I possibly can. Click the link below to see how Get Ready can assist you this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

- Kristol Yeager

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