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GetReady for November

It's Turkey Time!

It's November! Do you start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, or will the tree wait to go up after Thanksgiving?


As we prepare for the Thanksgiving feast ahead, I've got some ideas to share that will make your home look and feel "finished." Spruce up your home with these easy tips for your upcoming guests!


1. Add a Variety of Houseplants

Real plants breathe life into decor. In magazines, you'll often spot plants or flowers, adding that final touch for a complete look. No green thumb? Begin with hard-to-kill houseplants. Opt for fresh flowers on special occasions for the same effect without long-term commitment.


2. Curate Your Bookshelves

Revamp your bookshelves for a room transformation! Organize books by color, creating a visually pleasing display. Stack books horizontally to elevate decor, like a bowl or object. Mix in art, vases, or photos for a personal and stylish touch.


3. Address Those Blank Walls

Even with established furniture and decor, there might be some bare walls in your home. If you have art waiting to be framed, now's the time to tackle it. For too many blank walls, consider alternatives like mirrors for added light or floating shelves to showcase your favorite objects.


4. Create Vignettes

Embrace your inner stylist! Survey your home and consider creating captivating arrangements on side tables, coffee tables, mantels, or other surfaces.

Found objects, collectibles, small table lamps, vases, candlesticks, and plants are staples in stylist-created "vignettes"—curated displays that tell a story. The most captivating vignettes feature items with personal significance, reflecting your unique life and story.


All of the ideas are very cost effective & can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Love to come home & be proud to show it off! I can help you do just that! If you need a fresh set of eyes, a decorator with what you have, or a shopping assistant for what you don't, Get Ready can take care of you!

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