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GetReady to Get Organized!

Summer is just around the corner! 

This time of year fills most of us with excitement for warmer weather, longer days, sunshine, and brighter spirits.  However, along with that new sense of vibrance, we often look at our surroundings with a sense of dread. How can I freshen up my living spaces to reflect my summertime spirit?  Over the winter, things pile up and are out of control. Yards and flower beds look scrappy and dull. Patios become unwelcoming and lifeless.  And on and on.                         


Don’t let the amount of work overwhelm you!  Get Ready and Get Organized!    


You know me from my reputation as a realtor -  a field in which I have a sound background.  But now, I am expanding my services by offering my skills as an organizational magician.  Whether you need help with creatively staging your home for sale, or personally re-arranging and refreshing your private living spaces to become more efficient and beautiful, let me put my passion for design and organization to work for you.  


 I am inviting YOU to visit my website at to see what GET READY!  is all about. 


 My services are comprehensive and my fees are competitive! You will not find a more dedicated ally in your journey to make your house the most attractive and desirable place to come home to.  I look forward to hearing from you and planning a consultation to start you on your way to creating the living spaces you have always dreamed of. 

Can't wait to connect with you soon!


- Kristol


P.S. I'm on social media! Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram! See you over there!

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